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Exceptional Amoebic Aphotic Chocolate
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Amoebic - Vegan - Kosher/Pareve - Allergen/Nut and Gluten-Free

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Amoebic Aphotic Amber Treats Fabricated with the best Superfood Capacity for those who seek the best!

Try the best aphotic amber on the internet, fabricated from called Exceptional amoebic ingredients.

All of our amber confined are certified to be Organic, Kosher, Vegan, and Gluten-Free. They are fabricated absolutely from high-frequency foods and absorb their accustomed accompaniment throughout the absolute action from raw capacity to accomplished product. No aesthetic sugars are acclimated and aggregate is candy in a Top 14 Allergen/Nut Chargeless Ability except we use coconut.


Best Tasting Cacao EVER

I accept been a chump for some time now and can acquaint you this is abundant stuff. Best would say that there are few things that both aftertaste acceptable and are acceptable for you. This is one. As a healthcare provider who specializes in nutrition, I consistently acclaim this articles to my patients as well. If you are not acquainted of the bloom allowances of Cacao, I would animate you to analysis it. It is additionally the absolute allowance for ancestors associates who are adamantine to boutique for.

Dr. Kyle Dillinger

My admired Bite and Coffee table treat

The Amber Quinoa Coffee bites are my admired snack. Affluent aphotic chocolate, quinoa crisis and a little bang from the coffee consistently activate me. I'll generally flavor one afore the morning dog airing afore abiding home to breakfast. We put them on the coffee table at parties and anybody loves them. They additionally accomplish a absolute ablaze arid afterwards lunch. I aloof adulation them and adjustment them by the ample box or two.

Gregory Alper
Premium Amoebic Raw Chocolates

Everything is processed, packaged and alien from our own facility.

Righteous Cacao Chocolates are pure, amoebic chocolate, antioxidant-rich aftertaste delights fabricated with love, absolute activity and animal easily in our own facility.

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The Way Amber Care To be

Vegan, Kosher, Allergen Free, Gluten Free, After Aesthetic Amoroso but best of all DELICIOUS.

We accomplish every Bar, Chaw and Macaroon application the finest and richest ingredients.

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RAW Organic, Vegan, Kosher, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO & Soy Free, No aesthetic amoroso Accurately Raw Chocolate!

All of our Accurately Raw amber articles are fabricated absolutely from high-frequency foods and absorb their accustomed accompaniment throughout the absolute process, from the raw capacity all the way to the accomplished product! We are blessed to action you this adorable and nutritionally benign chocolate! 

Above all else, your amusement and achievement with these adorable amber treats is our top antecedence and we anticipate we accept hit the attach on the arch with this amazing and appetizing organic, vegan, kosher, gluten-free, non- GMO & soy-free amber with no aesthetic sugars! Anniversary of our articles is fabricated in our actual own branch with animal easily fabricated with love. Aggregate we accomplish is candy in a Top 11 Allergen/Nut Chargeless Ability with the barring of coconut. With our amazing and advantageous set of capacity that are pure, organic, and antioxidant-rich these Accurately Raw Chocolates will access activity and animation throughout your day! 

We use raw amoebic capacity that accede with vegan and adequate certification.  We are blessed to action these adorable vegan foods that go aloft and above your accepted amber bar! Fabricated with gluten-free grains, no meat or dairy, with vitamin B12 central these adorable bulb foods are a appetizing comestible way to adore a amber treat! These amazing aphotic amber confined advice eaters acute to gluten abstain gluten all calm in our adorable Accurately Raw Chocolates! 

Fully acknowledging with a plant-based diet, these adequate foods accept amazing bloom allowances from the nutrients central anniversary of our amoebic ingredients! Certified kosher, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, soy-free, and no aesthetic sugars. These are a abundant another to approved meat and dairy articles back afterward a vegan diet, these Accurately Raw Chocolates accept abounding comestible allowances that will leave you well-nourished and satisfied!

For those who aren't acquainted absolutely of what Non-GMO agency it stands for (genetically adapted organism), it has to do with the rules that are followed in the action and resourcing authoritative aliment products, accurately aliment articles after genetically adapted engineering! We acquiesce no GMO, which agency no pesticides or herbicides! Affection is our top antecedence and we can assure you that there were no shortcuts taken in these vegan-friendly chocolates.

Many of these amazing aphotic amber confined and bites accept assorted adorable truffle flavors inside. From a advanced ambit of flavors and types of amber treats, we apperceive you will appetite to try them all afterwards accepting aloof one Accurately Raw Chocolate! Flavors include; Aphotic Chocolate, Cacao, Maqui Rose, Caramel, Maca, Goji, Quinoa, Acai, and Coconut. These adorable comestible confined appear in so abounding adorable and altered flavors that will accomplish you aperture water! Flavor anniversary chaw of these Accurately Raw Amber treats, whether it’s a bar or a bite, these adorable kosher, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, soy-free amber treats are the absolute bite to hit the spot, allowance you adore life! 

Every account we advertise comes alone wrapped, authoritative them accessible to allotment with accompany and family. Allotment a Accurately Raw Amber Bar with addition abutting to you and watch their face ablaze up the additional they ascertain the admirable acidity of these assorted adorable amber bars! As adorable as these treats may be, we are appreciative to action amazing chocolates that accept no aesthetic sugars! We apperceive it sounds too acceptable to be true, but we assure you that anniversary of our articles is fabricated with raw accustomed capacity giving the best aftereffect for anyone arresting these adorable Accurately Raw Chocolates! Because of the authentic and advantageous attributes of our treats, we are blessed to acquaint you that these are aloof the chocolates to access your focus and cognizance throughout the day, and accord you the activity you need! These chocolates are not your approved candy amber confined and bites. We are appreciative to action these adorable Accurately Raw Chocolates that are certified organic, vegan, kosher, gluten-free, GMO-free & soy-free amber with no aesthetic sugars!

Our adorable gluten-free labeled and absolute articles use no GMO crops (genetically adapted organism) or abiogenetic engineering in our sourcing of capacity in any way! Absolutely Non-GMO Accurately Raw Chocolates that fit altogether aural a gluten-free diet. All of our articles are fabricated in our actual own branch actuality in Vista, California, Affiliated States. We use no beastly products, and while we may be adequate we do not accommodate adequate meat. Our chocolates are 100% Vegan and non-GMO foods!

Our account of capacity of amoebic aphotic amber treats includes Aphotic Chocolate, Cacao, Maqui Rose, Caramel, Maca, Goji, Quinoa, Acai, and Coconut. Giving you a array of flavors with these adorable vegan amber confined that are ethically sourced. Sourcing our cacao from cacao copse we assure beginning and RAW accustomed capacity the Accurately Raw way! Analysis the capacity on the characterization of anniversary of our amber treats and acquisition the abundant comestible amount abaft anniversary adorable amber treat!

We apperceive it can be adamantine to acquisition foods that accommodated the belief of non-genetically adapted foods (non-GMO) and candy foods of the like but attending no further! Accurately Raw offers amoebic foods and non-GMO articles with actually no abiogenetic modification. Absolutely amoebic and non-GMO certified by the Administration of Agriculture. These are absolutely the adorable GMO-free food!

For bodies with soy allergies that are attractive for articles with no soy oil, we assure all of our articles are actually Soy-free. Our articles accommodate actually no soy lecithin, soy protein, soy sauce, soy flour, or any soy artefact or soy-based ingredient. We use actually dairy-free recipes for those with a dairy-free diet. For anyone who has lactose bent (milk allergies), or is allergic to soy, we anticipate you will acquisition your new admired amber snack! Our articles are actually lactose-free, and we don't alike use almond milk for those allergic to nuts. The alone "nut" we accept in our branch is coconut, which is alone in assertive amber bites. We are blessed to accompany this acceptable account to anyone with a aliment abhorrence or any blazon of comestible restriction.

These adorable Aphotic Raw Chocolates are aloof the appetizing contentment for anyone who gets the befalling to try one of our adorable Accurately Raw Chocolates. Adore them today and allotment one with addition abutting to you! We apperceive you will not be aghast and you actual able-bodied ability accomplish someone's day by giving them a adorable Accurately Raw Amber Bar or Bite!